z50 Stuff 27-Mar-2012 8:09 PM
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Install from scratch - setup

Install from scratch - file copying

second boot



It seems that if you have a cf card in the left slot, that becomes wd0, storage card 1, and the right slot becomes wd1, storage card 2

Turning on the network

Find which network to connect to

wiconfig wi0 -D

Connect to a specific SSID(NETWORKNAME)/Password(NETWORKKEY)

ifconfig wi0 ssid NETWORKNAME nwkey NETWORKKEY
ifconfig wi0
ifconfig wi0 up

Check the route tables

route -n show

If you need the default route;

route add default

Turn off wifi

ifconfig wi0 down

Or, configure DHCP like this

NetBSD package stuff

Once the network is up;

% export PACKAGEROOT=ftp://ftp.netbsd.org
% pkg_add -v -r package name