Mod Player 25-Mar-2009 3:15 PM
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There's no native Amiga MOD player on the iPhone currently.

This project has the potential to be insanely huge, and very time consuming to build, which is why I have not yet really tackled it. Working out the details and features on this page have helped me to figure out a good order-to-build it, and I think I can actually do this by piecing together little by little over time.

More information on the current version is on Interocitor Issues

Version 1 - the basics


Version 2 - Further extensions

Additional "views" of song lists

Additional Distribution methods

The entirety of the project was too ambitious, so I started with the basics. The problem is that the APIs that Apple provides for data management (none) provide no real "basic" way to handle data transfers for an application of this type. -- that is to say, an application that manages a lot of data files that need to be transferred to (and possibly from) the application... Every developer doing an application like this needs to implement this on their own, which is boring as heck.