Final Cut From A Backup 25-Oct-2010 3:17 PM
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Restoring From A Backup

Easy, you say, right? Not quite. Restoring Final Cut from a backup, rather than reinstalling from media doesn't always work. Here's my situation...

I dropped a new hard disk into my laptop, and put the original disk in an external enclosure. Here's the install log: Snow Leopard Install Log I reinstalled the OS, Xcode and such from their install media, copied over my /Users directory, and some /Applications from the old drive. At this point, most everything was reinstalled and working. Except for Final Cut.

Issue 1: Serial Number

Even though I had brought over all of the Final Cut apps, as well as the various bits and bobs in /Library and /Users/Me/Library over, it still required me to type in a serial number. The S/N I had was not being accepted, sadly. I found that one file needed to be removed:

Library/Application Support/ProApps/Final Cut Studio System ID

Remove this file, fire up FCP, enter the S/N and all seems good. Great... until..

Issue 2: Qmaster not running.

The next issue is that when attempting to submit jobs with Compressor, I kept getting the error "Unable to connect to background process". This is because the transplant of the FC tools did not include the Qmaster background task thingies.

"You moved the headstones, but you didn't move the graves!"

Once I copied over the following files:


Then i was able to re-login/restart and everything worked again!

This article gets into the details of all of the files involved, along with startup tasks and such, which seem to have been copied by Migration Assistant for me.