-== "Done For Now" Items ==-
PRJ Name Overview Tags
108Full Motion Video on Pac-Man HardwarePlaying back video on Pac-Man arcade hardware
085iPodMameA port of MAME to iPodLinux
071JLJMy Perl/text-based LiveJournal client
064M2T2 - Mouse-Midi Theremin ThingMouse-Midi Theremin Thing
084Nano Mame CabinetA tiny arcade cabinet for an iPod Nano to turn it into a functioning MAME machine.
074Pac/Pengo OriginalsSome homebrew ROMsets for Pac-Man and Pengo arcade hardware
089ProcessingSoftware written in the Processing programming language
088Project TreeA visual graph of all of the projects I've worked on.
095RITCodeSoftware for analyzing the output from eye tracking hardware
102Screen Resolution Lookup GuideA graphical representation of various screen resolutions
063SmartPainterA learning art generator
117Street ViewA Processing interface to Google's street view.
107Themes for R4DSAmigaDOS looking interface themes for the R4DS
109Trash DroidA motorized Rubbermaid wastebasket.
123twPerl-based command line twitter client
122Ultraportable Hack Box (Hector)My quest to assemble a portable computer .
Scott Lawrence