-== "Designed" Items ==-
PRJ Name Overview Tags
037AbsurdA silly turn-based game based on the Bacchanalia 2001 canoe trip
059AutechnoAn automatic, learning, techno generator
038Camp Ninja aka Oki's RunA silly action game based on the Bacchanalia 2002 canoe trip
030FDAn animated graphics demo / movie
055Flat XMLA re-invisioning of the Flatware .3 file format as XML
036Grey ZombieA simple turn-based strategy game
057JamTrackerMy own Music Module editor and playback engine
092LlamaVisionA regional video effects editor.
079Mantis OSThoughts about a new OS
041Pet-TrisA animal themed Tetris(tm) clone
031The Black PageA turn-based game with an alien/government coverup theme
072The Rebel AllianceA distributed journaling system
075TotEm - TOTal EMulationA modular emulation architecture
Scott Lawrence