-== "Completed" Items ==-
PRJ Name Overview Tags
077Ami2BDFAmiga Font to X11 BDF font converter
078AmiWM - 1.x lookAdding the AmigaDOS 1.x look to the AmiWM X11 window manager
118Animated Halloween GhostAn Arduino powered halloween ghost display.
046Arcade Games/Graphics Editor (AGE)An editor for Arcade game graphics and Pac-Man maps
060AutoPacAn automatic, learning Pac-Man player
099Bored BoardA ROM building and patching utility
098BRAKA horrible programming language
033DARNITA very simple discrete logic-based light show.
050DIRectory ToolA directory stack system for posix/unix systems
026Dungeon / AshA curses-based version of Hunt The Wumpus
111FED TutorialA Brief how-to for using the AmigaDOS Font Editor
053FlatViewA Flatware 3-D viewer written in Processing
027FlatwareA 4-D space flight simulator and adventure game
028FlobedA Flatware 3-D object editor for AmigaDOS 2.0
101FMV ExperimentsExperiments with designing video codecs
110FontsFonts I've worked on or designed.
048GenromsA ROM building and patching utility
096Hunt The WumpusA recreation of a classic game for iPodLinux
093iMovie Effects PluginsA set of free effects plugins for iMovie.
113iPhone and iPod Touch homebrew developmentStuff made for the iPod Touch and iPhone platforms
068JDJA simple perl-based database used to manage my DJ CDs
070jircA simple perl-based database used to manage my DJ CDs
090Linear Strip PhotographyImages in Y and Time, rather than Y and X
061LithpA LISP-like language, written from scratch
025LP CheckA lint-like LP Mud file checker
073M3SAn iTunes database XML file generator
056MikMod HacksSome simple hacks done to 2.x MikMod source
087MikModPodzillaA port of MikMod to iPodLinux via a podzilla hack
116MikModuleA Mikmod plugin for iPodLinux's Podzilla2
067Morning CoffeeA screen-scraper, and aggragator of web information
035MoviegenA movie synopsis generator
081MultiPac 30 Replacement Menu SystemSoftware for a Pac-Man multigame menu system.
069NarideshA simple webserver written in Perl
119Pac GentlemanRealization of a steampunk art project.
066Pac-Man and Arcade Game HacksSome hacks I've made to Pac-Man, Tron, and other games
065Pac/Pengo Z80 DocumentationDocumentation of the Z80-based Pac-Man/Pengo hardware platform
042Quad Blok (Processing)A simple Tetris(tm) clone
094Quartz Composer ProjectsExperimentation with Quartz Composer on OS X
032RITCISSRIT Computer Information System
082Satan's Hollow in Tron hackHacking Satan's Hollow ROMS to work in a Tron cabinet
100SayA command-line tool for OS X to make it speak
044StaticA simulation of television static
001TuracoA MS-DOS based editor of arcade ROM graphics and Pac-Man mazes
049UnixToolA set of unixey directory tools for MS-DOS
024Walkthrough / WalkaboutA simple off-line LP Mud parser and room checker
Scott Lawrence