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Speech Sample - sample Darwin/OSX speech source code
Clam Shell - a modular, expandable command shell
Mujaki - 2d engine / time-based scripting

also available; PERL SCRIPTS

Speech Sample v0.01

Just some simple example source code to work with the speech synthesizer on the Macintosh OS X/Darwin platform. Two different methods to use the synth are used, one simple, one more complex. It really does nothing special. Feel free to use this code for whatever you like; this is freeware.

Clam Shell v0.02

Clam Shell is a simple shell, made to be a testbed for user interface ideas. The name is sort of an acronym for "CSH-Like-Amiga-Modular Shell". It originally was going to be a testbed to see how the Amiga's "Assign" methodology for virtual/physical devices (like dh0:, sys:, files:, etc.) works in a *nix environment. I tried it out under another shell, but the project i was putting my code base into was extremely messy, and I wanted to have full control over the source...

I also had ideas for a modular shell, where modules (libraries, plugins, whatever you want to call them) could be loaded or unloaded at runtime, to expand or contract the functionality of the shell, so that each user can have a set of tools that they like to use, rather than one shell (like CSH) that encompasses everything into one monolithic chunk.

Okay, it's not very practical, but it's some ideas i wanted to try out, and see how they all work together... hehe.

Mujaki v0.01

Mujaki is a 2-d engine with time sequencing and scripting, intended to be an engine for title sequences, demos, etc. All of the effects are generic, however this version of the software requires the SDL libraries as a method of displaying.

Supported effects include: Blur, Fade, timing lists, bitmapped fonts, quick sine and random number routines.

Scripting is not done; this is a work in progress. All it does now is show a rotating triangle on fire.

The Tar also currently contains the source to the MS-DOS demo that myself and Rob Reay were working on a few years back as reference.