Regional video effects editor

Many packages exist to add video effects onto full frames of video. For example, iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere, etc. These packages are made such that you can edit and apply effects to clips of video which encompass the entire frame. LlamaVision does something similar, but in a different way.

LlamaVision has regional effects. That is to say that on the frame of video, you select a region in which an effect is to affect. (heh) There can be an almost unlimited (meaning that I have not yet defined it) number of regions on each frame of video.

LlamaVision will have the following features/requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.3 or newer required (No ram/processor-specifc requirements)
  • Import from DV clip
  • Export to DV clip
  • Trim a clip to remove head and trailing junk frames
  • polygonal region editor
  • region tweening (define a polygon on frame 0 and frame 30, LV fills in the rest for you)
  • A whole bunch of Effects plugins, as well as a plugin SDK.
  • Patience will be a necessity as well.

LlamaVision is not designed to be:

  • A fully-fledged video editor. Edit your footage elsewhere. (Premiere, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, NLV)
  • a compositing tool... use Shake or Final Cut.
No real screenshots yet, but here are the mockups made in OmniGraffle...
The Viewer Window

This is where you load your clip in. The bottom slider adjusts the position in the clip. The Z button lets you zoom in and out. This window also acts as the preview window to show what an effect looks like, as well as to rotoscope on new regions.
The Regions Window

This is the listing of available regions. It lets you add or remove regions. You can (H)ide or (S)how the clip, display just the alpha generated from the region, or change the region's title.
The Effects Window

This window shows you the effects for the clip. You select a region to apply the effect to. You can (H)ide, (S)how, (W)ireframe or view only the output of this (E)ffect, solo. You can also change the effect name, and the (?) button brings up the Parameters window.
The Parameters Window

This lets you edit the parameters for each of the effects. It is generated dynamically when the effect loads, based on the parameters that the effect needs.

Here's the original, horrible, concept for the gui.

After thinking about things for almost 2 years, I've decided to revisit this project. I have a much better GUI designed for the project, which exploits GUI features more fully. The new design integrates Apple-provided services and frameworks, (like Core Video and XGrid for quick rendering and distributed effects processing, to accelerate compositional and rendering time.)
Last night's experiment in designing the user interface failed miserably. :(
To see this horrid prototype, (for comparison with newer designs, click here to see it ...

Construction of the prototype (in Carbon) was in progress.
Note: This has since been junked.

Current State / Todo List

  • - getting closer to be put back on the front-burner. :D
  • I still need to learn Objective C, as well as the tools and frameworks...
    • XCode, XGrid, CoreVideo, Quicktime, Cocoa

LlamaVision will initially be given out free for personal use. If you are going to be using it in a commercial environment, there will be a site-license fee, although you can evaluate the product for free to decide if you want to send me cash... The executables will be identical in both cases. If you like using it, send me money! (I am perhaps too trusting... so be it.) Although, since there isn't a lick of code written yet, this is all moot.

  • not yet