Homebrew games
These romsets/replacement rom images are made for arcade machines. These games might be re-implementations of existing games or game concepts, but have been re-coded completely from scratch.

newest games at the top of the list...
(not released yet)

Lightswitch Rave

A simple music-timing game
This is a timing game where you have to flick a lightswitch to the beat of the music. It's kind of a very scaled down version of DDR. It is based on a Strong Bad email from HomestarRunner.com

I have also made a custom controller for it:

(not released yet)

Q u a d  B l o k

A familair puzzle game
A game very similar to a game designed by Alexy Pajitnov, where you have to fit together groupings of four blocks into a pit. When an entire row is filled, it gets removed from the pit. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
DISCLAIMER: Graphics and such on this page might have been pulled out of emulation of the romsets contained within, and thus contain images of Pac-Man, Pengo, Brak, and other copywrited characters and imagery. Those characters and imagery are trademarks of their respective companies (Sega, Namco, Midway, Williams, etc), and have not endorsed these game hacks in any way shape or form.

Source code for all above games may be available upon request.