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Hacks to arcade game romsets
These romsets/replacement rom images are modifications done to arcade machines. Usually, these entail more than just changing the graphics, but sometimes, that's all that is different.

[ Pac Gentleman | 25 Map Pac | MPD Ms. Pac | Crazy Otto | Snoop Pac | SH Tron | Horiz Ms Pac | Brakman | Pengman ]

newest hacks at the top of the list...
pacgent.zip (20kb) romset
pacgent.asm source

P A C   G E N T L E M A N

the 1880 version of Pac-Man

This is a ROM hack based on Doktor A's awesome Pac Gentleman piece. This is what the game might look like.

pacman25.zip (22kb) romset
pac25.asm source

25   M A P   P A C

A 25-Map version of Pac-Man
This is an extension and re-working of code that Marcel "The Sil" Silvius released back in '2000. I cleaned up the hooks and code a little to reduce a few bytes here and there, and added in the color table stuff that he started to work on.

I've also expanded his 6-map hack to support 25 maps, and have flown in vertical tunnel support as well, so any map should work on it with no problems.


  • 25 maps (provided maps cover many styles)
  • map color support
  • vertical map patch (to allow for hangly maps)
  • table of 64 entries for map ordering (instead of sil's 32)
  • table of 64 entries for map coloring (instead of sil's 32)

M P D   M S . P A C

Multi-Variant, single romset Ms. Pac-Man
It lets you select a variant to play after coins have been dropped in. Will also include "Hyper Mode" for new challenging gameplay. The basic idea is to let people burn roms for their machine that plays all of the standard hacks, without needing external hardware or manually swapping roms. (That gets old FAST... trust me.)


  • Always-on fast Hack
  • Speed/Invincibility Cheat (Like Dock Cutlip's cheat)
  • fancy Pause screen with MapDimmer2004 technology
  • Buy-In (to continue games)
  • Pause Hack
  • Hyper Mode variant
  • Home-use credit reset to re-enable attract mode (drop 40 credits, reset from control panel, attract mode resumes)

There will more than likely be a few different versions of this:

  • 6-rom version for "bootleg" Ms. Pac-Man boards (boot1, etc)
  • 1-rom version for Yenox/Jamma Ms.Pac-Man boards (prg.bin, etc)
The 1-rom version will have multiple map banks, since there is extra space for it. (This means that there will be the original maps, as well as the Miss Pac Plus/Ms. Pac Attack maps.)

MPD stands for "Multiple Personality Disorder". ;)

UPDATE 1/2005 I rewrote the multimap hack, and no longer have the map 5 issue. YAY!

Pac-Man scuttles about maze, eating dots.

C R A Z Y   O T T O   h a c k

A reproduction of what later became Ms. Pac-Man
Kind of a back-burner project. I'm trying to recreate the graphics and feel of what I think the original Crazy Otto was like. The only source material we have to work with is the Time Magazine photograph, so I'm extrapolating.
v1.3 2004-03-15
v1.3 2004-03-15
Ms. Pac-Man

S n o o p   P a c

Ram-snooping Pac and Ms. Pac Man
A handy debugging tool to help find and set ram locations on real Midway Pac and Ms. Pac arcade boards.

  • Hold down P1 start and use the joystick to change the snoop location
  • Hold down P2 start and use the joystick to change the value there

v1.3 adds sustained snoop points between resets! (available in Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man flavors.)

v1.0 2004-01-19


Satan's Hollow on Tron hardware
This hack allows you to play Satan's Hollow in Tron arcade machines. Tron and Satan's Hollow are both MCR2 based games, but they have different controls in different places on the wiring, which means that instead of a joystick where SH expects it, it finds Tron's spinner.

Basically the hack consisted of:
  • Moving the control input to the joystick port
  • Moving the fire button to tron's trigger
  • Moving the shield button to Player 1 Start
  • Disabling the ROM checksum routine

Source for the hack available upon request.

THANKS to the awesome Mark Spaeth for the rom checksum elimination patch!


v1.1 2004-03-16

H o r i z   M s . P a c

Rotated Ms. Pac Man
I have a JAMMA Ms. Pac bootleg (the Yenox version) and I currently only have a horizontal jamma cabinet. Since it's too much of a pain to rotate the monitor, I rotated the text, the graphics, and controls instead.

Not all of the text strings look right, but they look good enough...

1.1 fixes the "1UP"/"2UP" bug.

It's Pac-Man, but he's eating little Braks, and the board... it's a Brak Head... spiffy, eh? The board is a little difficult to play, but hey, it looks cool, right? ...Okay, it's nigh impossible to play...

Oh no! Pengo and his Snow-Bees were trying to find their way back to their game, when they got stuck in a Pacman machine!

NOTE: This is not "Pengo" plaing on Pac-Man hardware. It is simply a map and graphics hack that results with Pengo characters playing in the pac-man game. Playing Pengo on Pac hardware is very possible, and has been done, but not by me. (Not yet anyway...)

Source code for all above hacks should be up there.
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DISCLAIMER: Graphics and such on this page have been pulled out of emulation of the romsets contained within, and thus contain images of Pac-Man, Pengo, Brak, and other copywrited characters and imagery. Those characters and imagery are trademarks of their respective companies (Sega, Namco, Midway, Williams, etc), and have not endorsed these game hacks in any way shape or form.