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    X-Windows BDF Fonts    
All of the below fonts, as well as the original Commodore-supplied fonts (yes, including the original Topaz "topaz", as well as OS 2.x's Topaz "topaz2" are available in one nifty download. Instructions are also online to guide you through the process.

All fonts are provided in their original pixel-for-pixel representations, as well as a more aspect-ratio correct representation, where all of the pixels have been doubled vertically. (use "xlsfonts | grep Commodore" to see them, then look for fonts with names like "topaz_dbl".) Fonts are also provided doubled with scanlines, as well as all three with an extra row of pixels to make them more readable.

These fonts were generated using an experimental AmigaFont-to-BDF converter that I have written, and therefore, might not be 100% accurate.


  • They don't seem to be showing up with 'xfontsel', although they do with 'xlsfonts' fixed with 0003, THANKS, BOB!

UmlautLlamaFonts_0003.tar.gz (904k)

    Amiga Bitmapped Fonts    
All of these fonts are be available for download on a single Amiga disk image file (ADF), so that you can copy them onto your emulator a lot easier.
fontdisk.adf.zip (38k)

|| ammolite || onyx || peridot || phyre ||





    Amiga Bitmapped Font How-To    


To install the Amiga fonts above, simply copy the [FONTNAME].font file as well as the [FONTNAME]/ directory for the font over to your FONTS: drawer. If you're using an emulator, simply download and mount the fontdisk.adf file, then using your favorite file copy tool (DOpus, DiskMaster, CLI) copy the files from the FontDisk/fonts folder to your system FONTS: folder.


The tutorial on creating Amiga bitmapped fonts is now online!

    True Type Fonts    


So far, the only True Type Font that I've worked on that has gotten released at all was the "Tron" font, which I worked on with Paul Albers back around 1995 or so. I worked on it in Macromedia Fontographer. He had most of the font done, and I just added in a few numbers, a few letters and tweaked some others. I only really had minor involvement with it. It has since been used on the Tron 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD, which is pretty darn cool.


  • 04 - low-res fonts (I use one of these for my comic.)
  • Font Freak - free fonts
  • Tom 7's Fonts - Really cool organic looking fonts.
  • Miniml - low-res fonts (including HOOGE 05, the font peridot is based on.)
  • typOasis - lots of snazzy looking fonts.