FLatware OBject EDitor

AmiaDOS 2.0 3D editor

Here's the project what I was working on 10 years ago. "Flobed", the FLatware OBject EDitor. This was my project for a Graphics Independant Study. It was a 3-d editor that ran on AmigaDOS 2.0. It was around 50kb. It loaded and saved out Flatware 3d objects, and let you move, add, and manage vertices and surfaces. It was never really finished, and it crashed. A lot. But it did get me an A for the class, and it's pretty neat to look back on...
The version used for the screenshots is "1.01-022095-1645", which decodes to release 1.01, February 20, 1995, 4:45pm. :) I have the source (SAS-C) somewhere, I'm sure. heh.

The app's icon, unselected/selected

The application screen. The 126, 0, 79 shows the position in 3-space that the cursor is hovering over. The layout was roughly copied from screenshots of "Lightwave" that I had seen.

"Eeglo" object loaded in. Notice the bottom right shows a perspective view. Above that are tools: Help, Undo (grayed), Create, Select, Move, Nuke (delete), Surface parameters, 3D render, Disk operations, Visual settings( hide/show points, vertices, etc), User input settings. Most of those will open a window that covers that entire bottom right corner.

And here's the "Waffle" object loaded in.

It should be noted that those space ships/objects were not created in Flobed. They were created by hand, using graph paper and a text editor.