The programing language


After reading over a few strange and obscure language descriptions, here and here when i was pretty sick (literally), I've decided to make my own. This is entirely unnecessary and unwarranted, and I'm sorry to do this. I feel even more sorry for those of you who have decided to read through this.

In all basicness, this is just a very hard to read, and easily obfuscatable assembly language. An interpreter should be a basic Virtual Machine in a way.

Most basic math, and i/o is provided to the program, along with an accumulator, a managed stack, and a writable program counter.

All of the memory space is writable. This allows for self-modifying code. (Not that this is actually possible yet, as the program space is seperate from the variable space. I'll figure out the logistics of this eventually.)

I should note, that while writing this I am very sick. Nothing like this should ever be attemted to be written when one is at full health.



Scott Lawrence is responsible for this autrocity. He would like to give his most sincere apologies.
This is what happens when someone is given a stupid idea when they are sick. Oh well. What's done is done. Can't change it now.

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Did they...

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