Z80 Pac games

'Absurd' Overview

Michael Bolton is trying to take over the Moon. In order for him to do this, he has been stealing bunnies, alligators and oragutans from all of the zoos across North America and implanting them with mind control chips.

In order for him to gain control of the Moon, he must get all of these animals to pray to the Moon simultaneously.

He has scattered these animals on islands in lakes throughout North America. Their mind control chips will make them go insane if they're not removed before the next full moon.

This is, of course, absurd.

Your mission is to retrieve the mind control crystals from all of the islands, and return the animals to their homes before the next full moon, so that the explosive implants can be removed safely.

He has sent a few Staple Dragons to protect the crystals.

This is also, of course, absurd.

Oh, and if you push around the animals too much, they explode. Go figure.

You have 25 days. Save the animals.

An example of the main menu,
showing an Absurd sample screen
The screensaver
Startup screen.
pic of me

Released 0.03 (below). I'm using QuadBlok to help me polish up the menu system/game kernel, streamline it, and work out any bugs that might be in it.
Most of Absurd has been designed, and is in my head.
Full-force Absurd programming should be starting soon!
I forgot to mention; the romset that this is a part of is powered by my "Game Kernel". I figured that it'd be best to have one central kernel that ran (cooporatively) the game/tasks. I figured this would centralize the common bits of all of the games (coin handling, game mode selection, game over routines, etc), and add a multigame menu system around the whole thing. Releases 0.02 and newer will have QuadBlok (my tetris clone) in as a second (and working) game.
I just uploaded v0.01. It should run in MAME as 'mspacmab'. It doesn't do much yet, but you can drop coins and watch the numbers change, and watch the little gator do his dance.
I've decided to revisit this project. Instead of making a 1mb SDL game, it will be a romset for Pac-Man (or perhaps Pengo) arcade hardware. I already have the graphics rom created, and have started pounding out the opcodes for the game engine.

I've also restored an element to the story that was lost; namely the Staple Dragon. Don't ask.

This page was created...

Current State / Todo List
I've decided to put the to-do list online at tadalist.com.

This work would be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License, if it could be.

But since the Creative Commons License is not supposed to be used for software, this is instead released under a Freeware license.

Do what you like with this, feel free to generate derivative works. I am not responsible for anything this code might do, or it not doing something that it is supposed to do. Please, don't sell it without contacting me to work out details about doing so.

Scott is not responsible for any lost revenue or unregistered coin-drops. Use this at your own risk. On the other hand, please feel free to modify, augment, and improve it... just send any changes back to Scott.

Version 0.03
2006 July 31
mspacmab set
  • Quadblok is mostly done
  • variant selector is not written yet
  • screensaver and attract modes have been polished more
  • Input routine was rewritten to centralize it, half is in the interrupt handler (60 checks per second!)
  • "at" scheduler is flaky - "GAME OVER" sometimes never ends, hit reset.
  • (romset is a debug build)
Version 0.01
2006 July 26
mspacmab set
  • Menu option for "Absurd"
  • Animated display
  • lots of under-the cover mechanism type stuff (coin, menu, etc)
  • This romset will be for multiple games, Absurd being the primary