A m i W M

1.x appearance for AmiWM

amiwm is an X window manager that tries to make your display look and feel like an Amiga® Workbench® screen. It is fully functional and can do all the usual window manager stuff, like moving and resizing windows.

The purpose of amiwm is to make life more pleasant for Amiga-freaks like myself who has/wants to use UNIX workstations once in a while. It can also be used on the Amiga with the AmiWin X server, although this part needs some more work.

This fork of AmiWM basically adds the AmigaDOS 1.x look to AmiWM. Traditionally, AmiWM has just an AmigaDOS 2.x appearance that looks like this. However, with this update, and this .amiwmrc it can look ike this:

New features that I have added to Marcus Comstedt's AmiWM 0.20pl48 (1998-03-15)

  • "Appearance" keyword to set the way it looks. Use OS_2.x for the original style.
  • "PixelScale" keyword to set the size of the 1.x widgets
  • "ToolMenuName" keyword to set the menu name for the Tools menu header
  • "TitleBarClock" keyword to enable/disable the titlebar clock
  • "TitleClockFormat" keyword to set the formatting of the title clock
  • AmigaDOS 1.x color scheme built-in for window decorations and icons

In a few cases, my implementation of the 1.x Intuition interface is not 100% accurate. Most of these differences are minor, and will go unnoticed by the average user, but a rabid Intuition 1.x fan, like myself, will notice things like...

  • Inversion regions around buttons are incorrect. (Modified to make it look better)
  • Stippling is not scaled with the widgets
  • Raise/Lower are combined. (combined funcitonality to be consistant with AmiWM.)
  • Iconify button added. (No 1.x equivalent)
  • Maximize button added. (No 1.x equivalent)
  • No arrows on faux scrollbars. (Matches AmiWM 2.x support)
  • aspect ratio of original screen emulated - not pixel perfect
  • 1.x didn't have a "Tools" menu, needed it for AmiWM
  • 1.x didn't have a titlebar clock
I did my best to make the new buttons feel like old-school Intuition buttons. Iconify is an orange/black icon on a blue desktop. Maximize retains the Black/White feel of the raise-lower button.

Note; the version number in these screenshots is incorrect. I was working off of an assumption that I would inc the version number from 0.20 to 0.21, but instead, I've decided to append my patch version onto the end of the existing version string. 0.20pl48.s0 and not 0.21.s0

AmiWM Source

Amiga Fonts

I highly recommend downloading my Amiga Fonts, converted to X11-happy BDF files. With those, you can use authentic looking textbars and icons. (Topaz, Topaz 2.0, Garnet, Diamond, Emerald, etc...) in both pixel-for-pixel and height-doubled sizes.

I recently updated all of my fonts to work properly with xfontsel.

Cheers and Greetz

First of all, thanks to Marcus Comstedt for writing the original AmiWM source onto which all of my hacks have been applied.

Secondly, uber thanks to R.J. Mical, who wrote the aptly named GUI that I've loved for years, AmigaDOS Intuition. Thanks =RJ=!

Finally, thanks to my dad who bought us that Amiga 1000 back in '86.