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Welcome to the Yorgle Notebook, my evolving collection of essays, projects, hacks and various other niftiness that friends or myself have encountered or discovered.

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Alternative Links
More info about my Rochester Maker Faire 2021 exhibit
Geodesic Sphere -- my project blog for my main pages and links and such
Jaguar VLM-1 Dissection
An exercise to figure out the Jaguar CD's "Virtual Light Machine" (made by Llamasoft) triggering algorithm. (2009 December)
Heuristic-based Character Recognition
An algorithm I devised for reading the digits generated by a piece of video hardware, retrieved from video file imagery. (2005 September)
Histogram Equalization
A fast algorithm to equalize/normalize image data with very good results. This article also covers Histograms, and Normalization. (2006 February)
Stereo Video Production
A complete how-to for creating 3D Stereo content on the cheap, including editing, building a camera rig, and production planning. (2008 April)
Close Enough is Good Enough
Do you really need π to five thousand decimal points, or is "3.14" good enough? How about "22/7"? (2005 October)
Pac Rom Family Tree
An exploration of various clues about the Pac-Man romsets to try to determine a proper family tree for them all... (2012 April)
Full Motion Video on Pac-Man Hardware
Is it possible to play back video on a 3MHz Z80-based computer from 1980? Yes... read on... (2007 July)
From Ms.Pac-Man to Crazy Otto
A talk about how I created my Crazy Otto demo ROMsets, made for BarCamp Rochester (2014 April)
Z80 Software Hacks
A talk on Z80 software hacks, made for BarCamp Rochester (2012 April)
Z80 iOS VM For Games
A talk on my Z80-based iOS game engine/Virtual Machine (2010 October)
In Progress...
A "space station control panel"-like electronic box for my son Jasper to play with. (2009 December)