-== Llama City ==-
An isometric pixel art city

2008-09 thru 2032-09

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After seeing Goon City, made by the goons at Something Awful (they call themselves that, it's not commentary) I got inspired to do some more isometric pixel art. I borrowed the basis of their Google Maps viewer, and modified it a bit. I then started up a megacanvas in Pixelmator, and started making stuff.

To process it all wrote some perl/Image Magick scripting to convert the megacanvas to the 256x256px tiles at multiple zoom levels which the Google Maps engine needs to render the world.

Unlike Goon City, I will be adding streets as they're needed. All streets have street names as well, which means that everything on the map has an address. I currently have a basic Registry of all items in the city, to be expanded as need be, as the city itself expands.

If you'd like to join in, the information is on the LJ thread link below, or just go through to "more" to see the city as it currently stands.

Current State: Current
Updated: 2006-08-17

Scott Lawrence