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Running uC Linux on an iPod

2004-01 thru 2006-09

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I got involved with working with iPod Linux because I saw it as the only way to write or port "Tempest" to the iPod, primarilly. I saw the spinner, especially on the first generation iPod, and wanted to play Tempest with it. I mostly accomplished this with "Vortex". I also wanted to play Amiga music modules, which I accomplished with "MikModPodzilla". (link below)

I got involved helping people on their IRC channel, submitting various feature enhancement and new feature patches. My primary effort has been on the application side of things, and the primary application used as the gui for iPodLinux is called "podzilla". This project page covers both "iPodLinux" as well as "podzilla"

Among my contributions are:

After a while, they gave me full source repository access, and I was able to work directly on the podzilla (and other subprojects) sources.

Navigate through the subprojects to see some of the various things I've worked on, or go to the webpage link above for the iPodLinux Wiki page, where I also list off various contributions I've made to the project.

Current State: Current
Updated: 2006-08-17

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Scott Lawrence