-== Full Motion Video on Pac-Man Hardware ==-
Playing back video on Pac-Man arcade hardware


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The goal of this project is to do something that doesn't really seem possible on completely obsolete computer hardware. I intend to play back video, even if just a few seconds worth, on 3 MHz Z80 Pac-Man video arcade game hardware from 1980.

By using the background tile memory, which is usually used for drawing the Pac-Man maze, we can get a 32x28 bitmap area to display video data. We can also compress the video in a way that it's easy for the Z80 to uncrunch it, while saving precious ROM space, since we're limited to around 20k of ROM.

There are still directions I'd like to experiment with this, but it's essentially shelved for now. I may come back to it in the future, I may not.

Current State: Done For Now
Updated: 2006-08-17

This is a sub project of:
BleuLlama Game Kernel, Yorgle Notebook

Scott Lawrence