-== Walkthrough / Walkabout ==-
A simple off-line LP Mud parser and room checker

1992-08 thru 1993-06

Walkthrough was a LP Mud room parser with added functionality for editing and checking files. You would use it like you would use the mud itself. It would tell you all of the standard descriptions, as well as hidden descriptions if you wanted them. It would also spawn off a 'vi' process to edit the room you were in. It also allowed for you to easily add exits, create rooms, and of course, it would check them.

With the flip of a compiler flag, you could instead create "Walkabout", which was the same source, but disabled the editing functionality, and would only show you what a user would see, rather than what the creators would see. Walkthrough had different settings, where it would show you hidden things, debugging things, etc, based on the view level.

This project is important in that it was the first C program I had ever written. I would review code while working at Radio Shack, code at night, and email it in the evning to Tad for suggestions. I spent a lot of time reading the K and R book as well.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

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LP Mud development
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LP Check

Scott Lawrence