-== Turaco ==-
A MS-DOS based editor of arcade ROM graphics and Pac-Man mazes

1998-05 thru 2000-10

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Turaco was an MS-DOS (DJGPP, LibSDL, Allegro) application that loaded and saved graphics ROMs for some arcade games. It let the user edit the graphics, manipulate sprites, etc. It was basically a very specifically targetted paint program.

This project came out of development of AGE, the Arcade Graphics Editor, which was primarilly headed by Ivan Mackintosh. AGE was his project which I heavily contributed to, and Turaco was my project which he contributed to afterwards. Turaco was a complete rewrite, learning from design issues from AGE, and improving upon them.

Some versions of AGE and Turaco were used by the homebrew community for a while.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17


Eventually Became:
Turaco CL

Scott Lawrence