-== The Demo ==-
A scene demo that never was -- a graphics hack testbed

1996-12 thru 1997-04

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This project started out as our entry for a Demo competition that CSH was planning on running, but never did. It was a joint effort between myself and Rob Reay. Our code base was heavily influenced on the Virtual Light Machine (VLM) written by Jeff Minter for the Jaguar CD console system. We basically played with that A LOT, and tried to figure out our own way to implement the same effects. We created a feedback-based engine, where you take the "old" frame, do something to it, and use it as the background for the next/current frame. Some effects we implemented were a locational shift of the video screen, blur, and such.

I wrote the framework, the event system and the 3D file loader, both borrowed from the PLFI project, image loaders, "laser font" - a vector font that wiggled, and other things to fill in the holes.

Rob added the PET system (Pixel Enhancement Technology), the Sine/Cosine routines. The PET routines basically let you have a truecolor display on a 256 color, paletted display. It would have a red, green, and blue pixel in close vicinity to eachother, in various patterns. One of them had the three colors vertical, one had them horizontal, or they were overlapping "L"s, and so on. The various effects would produce results in differing aspect ratios, which would make the imagery look interesting.

We eventually just used this project as a testbed for graphics ideas we had. One such idea was to rotate an RGB palette about its R/G/B axes, much like you'd rotate a 3D object about its X/Y/Z axes. It didn't have the result we expected, but we quickly understood what was going on.

We also used this project to help us explore being creative while coding. If we came across a video effect that looked good, but wasn't what we were expecting, we would set it aside, and continue trying to figure out the imagery we were looking for.

I was going to add in a Full Motion Video engine, function generators, and such, and basically clone the VLM, but I ended up starting to document the processes instead.

Current State: Abandoned
Updated: 2006-08-17

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