-== Plank Layer ==-
A silly action based on the possible lack of Bacchanalia 2003 canoe trip

2002-08 thru 2002-09

The plot for this game is based on conversations after the Bacchanalia 2002 canoe trip.

After the 2001 trip, we were discussing the trip for the next year. It was discovered that the deck next to the cottage would need to be replaced. We were talking about coming up, working on the deck, and then going on the trip immediately afterwards. It turns out that this did not happen, and the cottage was sold instead.

It was going to be based on something like the arcade game Zoo Keeper... kinda.

The basic plot of the game was that you had to rebuild a deck, laying planks down before they rot, and you fell through. If you fell through, your only way out was to use the "Yum" fish food to distract the evil fish who are trying to eat you.

Current State: Abandoned
Updated: 2006-08-17

This was influenced by:
Camp Ninja aka Oki's Run

Scott Lawrence