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A ROM patching tool


After working on AGE, Ivan and I realized that there was a gray legal area around distributing patched roms. I figured that it would be better to distribute patches that only contain the content that the artist created, rather than the original copyright-protected material.

The result of this line of thinking was this project. I spent some time working on this before I realized how complicated it really was. The original intention was that we were going to add this support to AGE and let it load and save these patch files only, rather than modified copyrighted ROM files, but being how this was getting to be too complicated of a project, it was dropped after a few days of work. I ended up picking up a similar line of work with the Genroms project

Had I realized at the time what was involved, and what other information there was out there, It probably would have stored the data in IHX files or somesuch, which is what Genroms does.

Current State: Abandoned
Updated: 2006-08-17

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