-== Pac-Man and Arcade Game Hacks ==-
Some hacks I've made to Pac-Man, Tron, and other games

1997-12 thru 2005-01

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After creating AGE, I used it to create some of the first homebrew hacks on the net,

"Brakman" was made with the map editor I created in AGE, along with the updated graphics.

"Pengman" was made using the map editor, as well as some functionality I added to AGE that let you load in graphics from another game... I took the Pengo graphics, and brought them in to Pac-Man.

"Pac-Man After Dark" was a hack made by someone else, which I removed some unnecessary profanity, and other minor tweaks.

"MPD Ms. Pac-Man" added a menu selection to the game such that without a rom swap, and without extra hardware, the player can choose a variant of the game to play... slow/fast, cheats enabled/disabled, and a few other options. It also adds a more challenging game mode where the screen disappears, similar to Pac-Man Plus.

Various other projects, viewable through the link, were accomplished after I had created Genroms to patch games, as well as adding new code with Z80 programming.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

See also these sub projects:
Pac-Man Classic Enhanced Z80, Pac Gentleman

Scott Lawrence