-== PTUI - Pac/Pengo Tiny User Interface ==-
A GUI system for Pac-Man Z80 arcade hardware


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This was an effort to make a GUI windowing system for Pac-Man/Pengo arcade hardware. It would run on Z80 based systems in 16k of rom, and 1k of ram. It was influenced by a similar effort on the Intellivision.

In its last working state, it had windows that could be moved around the screen, given focus, with a cursor controlled by the joystick and start button.

This project had two problems. The first is that I overdesigned it. The second is that I was using a C compiler to generate the code for me. This was great for the first round of prototyping, but it was generating code that was way too big or slow to be useful.

This project's efforts were rewritten in ASM for the ALPACA project.

Current State: Abandoned
Updated: 2006-08-17

This was influenced by:
Pac/Pengo Originals

Eventually Became:
Alpaca OS

Scott Lawrence