-== PLFI ==-
A 3-D animation scripting language and interpreter.

1996-01 thru 1996-06

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PLFI, short for "Philbin Language File Interpreter" was a 3-D animation scripting language and interpreter which I had created for an Independant Study in Computer Graphics Programming at RIT. The name "Philbin" was a play on the graphics language used on the DEC GiGi terminals called ReGis.

I used the objects I had created for the Flatware project, wrote my own file loader, and 3D routines, as well as a time-based event queueing system which could rotate, move, and animate the objects themselves at runtime while music played.

The original intention was to create an animated music video for the U4iA music module "Astronaut's Requiem". I moved on before completing this task, however. I also never completed the graphics engine; it only ever rendered wireframes.

This was created in MS-DOS, using the SVGACC library, as well as the InterWave game api libraries to playback music, synced with graphics events.

Code created in this project has been re-used for many other projects over the next 10 years.

Current State: Abandoned
Updated: 2006-08-17

This was influenced by:
FD, Flobed
This Influenced:
LlamaViz, Mujaki, The Demo

Scott Lawrence