-== Naridesh ==-
A simple webserver written in Perl

1999-08 thru 2001-10

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This one i made on a dare pretty much. I was explaining how to use sockets in Perl to a friend, and I mentioned in passing, "Hey, I bet I could write a webserver in perl." Within a day, version 1.00 was working. It's since gotten some pretty nice features, and a nice configurable interface.

If you have a symbolic link to a url, ie: ln -s http://www.freshmeat.net freshmeat.html It will follow "freshmeat.html" to the url listed. It need not have a .html extension. The server figures it out, and generates an auto forward for you automagically.

Incidently "Naridesh" is a mangling of "Sheridan" reversed. Sheridan is the character played by Bruce Boxleitner on the sci-fi TV show, "Babylon 5". There's no real reason for using the name other than I like the way it sounds. :]

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

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