-== Moviegen ==-
A movie synopsis generator


In mid 1997, I realized that all of those late night Cinemax and Showtime movies all had similar titles... things like "Illicit weapon" or "Night Dangers" or whatever... So I amassed a bunch of words for both parts of those, as well as words for titles in the format of "Crimes of the Photographer" etc. I then wrote a simple program that generated a simple synopsis with that title, a short review, cast and director list. It made some funny results that amused me.

I would have written this off as a quick one-off program, but I later took it (written in C) and rebuilt it on a machine that had a web browser, and added some HTML formatting to the output, and it became one of my first CGI programs.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

Scott Lawrence