-== MikMod Hacks ==-
Some simple hacks done to 2.x MikMod source

1995-09 thru 1995-12

While working at eTek, I was helping out Mike Leibow write and test the MCI driver for the InterWave sound card's .Mod support.

I am quite familiar with the way these Music Modules sounded in ProTracker on my Amiga, and didn't like the way that MikMod played them. I tweaked a few aspects of the Mod playback engine including initial pan positions for the audio channels to "pull them in" towards the center a bit, and a looping issue where nested pattern looping was causing it to hang/inifnitely loop. This fixed songs like U4ia's "Astronaut's Requiem" (astro2.mod), and made me very happy.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

This Influenced:
JamTracker, MikModPodzilla

Scott Lawrence