-== LlamaViz ==-
A previsualization tool for filmmakers.


LlamaViz is a simple software tool for filmmakers. It will provide the facilities to easily create storyboards using photos of people, stock images, or wireframes, as well as basic 3D shapes. It will also allow for basic motion of the storyboards in a previsualization type of display.

It is meant to be a tool that is simple for anyone to use, and simple to distribute the moving storyboards/visualization to other film production personnel.

LlamaViz is still in the early in the project's lifecycle; it's still in the design phase. Currently, the design will use:

  • DoItLater as a timing mechanism

  • TwoDeeEee/Cairo as the 2D engine

  • QT as the GUI interface

  • The intention is to make it easily portable to other platforms as well, and perhaps support sharing mechansims, similar in design to Celtx.

    Current State: Back Burner
    Updated: 2006-08-17

    This was influenced by:

    Scott Lawrence