-== JLJ ==-
My Perl/text-based LiveJournal client

2000-06 thru 2006-01

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JLJ is my LiveJournal entry system. It is very simple to use. Just setup a .livejournal.rc file in your home directory with your username and password, and run the jlj script.

It prompts you for your Subject and Body text, and sends it off. If you have either the shell variable "EDITOR" ir "VISUAL"set, it will use that instead of the Old School BBS style editor.

It lets you make, edit and postpone entries on or offline. You can queue up posts to be submitted when you connect up to the net, or leave them in your postponed folder indefinitely.

It only requires the base install of perl and the socket libraries, which should be installed on most unix based systems. This might work on some ports of perl off of unix-based systems as well.

Current State: Done For Now
Updated: 2006-08-17

This was influenced by:
jirc, tw
This Influenced:
The Rebel Alliance

Scott Lawrence