-== Genroms ==-
A ROM building and patching utility

2000-12 thru 2004-01

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This is a utility to read in Intel Hex Files (.IHX) and output padded ROM image files. When I started work on writing homebrew code for Pac-Man and Pengo hardware, I needed a way to take the output from the compiler (and assembler) and convert it into binary files without burning them out to EPROM devices, and re-ripping them back in. As far as I know, there was no tool that did this in the way that I wanted it to work, so I wrote this.

It takes in an IHX file, along with a .ROM file, which describes the layout of the roms; where they sit in memory, their sizes and filenames. Genroms will create a buffer of the ROM file sizes, read in the IHX files, and apply the bytes defined in the IHX file to the buffers, then save out the ROM image files. Since it is a command line tool, it made it easy to add this step to a makefile. After building the source code, it then ran the resulting IHX through this tool, which created the ROMs needed to test it immediately in MAME or some other emulator, or to be burned out to EPROM devices.

I continued to use this tool when I was patching existing program ROMs as well. I added functionality to pre-load the buffers from existing ROM files. This led me to have an easy way to build .asm patches for game ROMS, apply, and test them quickly and efficinently.

This used some source code from the PLFI project - some IO routines.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

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Scott Lawrence