-== Flobed ==-
A Flatware 3-D object editor for AmigaDOS 2.0

1995-11 thru 1995-02

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I had to make a graphics project for my Graphics 2 class at RIT. I decided to make this. It is a 3-D model editor for Flatware .3 that ran on AmigaDOS 2.04. It had a GUI based roughly on the top-end 3D program at the time, Imagine.

The name "Flobed" is short for FLatware OBject EDitor. It was around 50kb. It loaded and saved out Flatware 3d objects, and let you move, add, and manage vertices and surfaces. It was never really finished, and it crashed. A lot. But it did get me an A for the class.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

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Scott Lawrence