-== Flatware ==-
A 4-D space flight simulator and adventure game

1993-09 thru 1993-12

Matt Allen, Ky Hall, Rob Reay, Pat Stein, and Brenden Tuck were working on a 4-D space shooting game along similar lines to Elite or Wing Commander. My involvment with this was the creation of 3D ship models for it. I made a handfull of cool looking spaceships, as well as a Recognizer from the movie "Tron". I then re-used these 3D models in a few other projects, but more on that later.

There were many innovative things in this project that were created before the team members worked on other things. Pat had done extensive work on the help system, which used this novel idea called "hypertext" which had clickable words inline with the text. Pat also had a 4D hypercube rotating on its W,X,Y, and Z axes. It was really cool... confusing, but cool.

Matt, Brenden, and Chris Meaker left and formed "BCM Software", later renamed to "Zendragon Software", and were working on a few games for Linux, one of which was a space flight game.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

This Influenced:
FD, Flat XML, Flobed

Scott Lawrence