-== Dungeon / Ash ==-
A curses-based version of Hunt The Wumpus


I had decided that I wanted to learn the "curses" system, so I picked an old simple LCD game I had of Dungeons and Dragons, and re-implemented it as a curses-based game. There's a 10 by 10 grid of rooms. The dragon is in one of them. You have to find the arrow, find the dragon, then shoot the dragon. If you fall into a pit, you need to use your grappling hook to get out. You then could find another grappling hook somewhere in the game.

With a simple compile-time switch, you could instead be Ash from the film "Evil Dead" and have to kill the Deadite with a chainsaw.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

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Hunt The Wumpus

Scott Lawrence