-== DIRectory Tool ==-
A directory stack system for posix/unix systems

2000-02 thru 2005-08

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After I made the shift back to Unixey systems as my primary development environment, I needed to have my directory stack (from "UnixTool") to help ease navigation.

It was a complete rewrite, and thus, a few things changed from the earlier effort. First of all, it was written in Perl instead of C. Secondly, the "dirt pile", the stack of directory names, was stored in the user's home directory as a dot-file, rather than in C:\. Rather than working directly with the MS-DOS shell, it requires wrappers made in your command shell (csh, bourne shell, etc.) to help perform its tasks.

Later developments added the ability to have multiple directory stacks, and manipulations relating to them.

When I start working at a new system, this is the first tool I get running on it.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

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Scott Lawrence