-== DARNIT ==-
A very simple discrete logic-based light show.

1993-05 thru 1993-07

At Computer Science House, we had a portable light show called "Dammit" "Digital / Analog Musical Manipulation of Incandescant Technology". I wanted my own version of this, so I took some leftover 74LS chips I had lying around; an inverter, a shift register, and some other parts, and shoved together DARNIT on a breadboard.

DARNIT stands for "Dumb Audio Recognition; Neat, Isn't iT?"

My version had 8 LEDs as the output, rather than 32+ spotlights. I even had one of the 8 lights hooked up to a solid state relay, and had it flicker a desk lamp to the beat of the music.

Sadly, the breadboard suffered some wiring damage when I wasn't looking, and after I had moved a few times, I powered it up only to have all of the blue smoke released from the parts.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17


Scott Lawrence