-== Camp Ninja aka Oki's Run ==-
A silly action game based on the Bacchanalia 2002 canoe trip

2002-08 thru 2002-09

The plot for this game is based on conversations and situations at the Bacchanalia 2002 canoe trip.

It was to be an action side-scrolling platform game, much like Mario or Pitfall.

You are Oki, a canoer and camper. You must get your canoe from one lake to another, across portages, and set up your campsite. The problem is that the swarm of mutant mosquitoes and various animals do not want you to do so. Your secret weapon? You can transform into OKI, THE CAMP NINJA!

Current State: Designed
Updated: 2006-08-17

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Plank Layer

Scott Lawrence