-== BRAK ==-
A horrible programming language


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After reading over a few strange and obscure language descriptions, I've decided to make my own. This is entirely unnecessary and unwarranted, and I'm sorry to do this. I feel even more sorry for those of you who have decided to read through this.

In all basicness, this is just a very hard to read, and easily obfuscatable assembly language. An interpreter should be a basic Virtual Machine in a way.

Most basic math, and i/o is provided to the program, along with an accumulator, a managed stack, and a writable program counter.

All of the memory space is writable. This allows for self-modifying code.

I should note, that while writing this I am very sick. Nothing like this should ever be attemted to be written when one is at full health.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

Scott Lawrence