-== BleuLlama Game Kernel ==-
A set of libraries, and a menu for launching a few Z80 homebrew games.

2006-07 thru 2006-08

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After my work on the PowerPac 30 menu system, which seems like it never saw the light of day, I decided to expand upon the code, improve it, and rework it into a much better, much more free project. I had written two games for that system, "Quad Blok", and "Light Switch Rave". These games have been re-integrated into this project, along with reworking of the core to better modularize and simplify it all.

This project also adds in a strategy game called "Absurd", as well as elements from the Alpaca OS and PTUI projects. But rather than having a pre-emptive multitasking OS, it is a task launcher. This heavily simplifies things, and makes it a bit more stable.

This project is still in development, and probably will be for a while, as more games are added to it. It is available free for non-commercial use. The main game in it is "Absurd", which is why the page linked to focuses on that game.

Aside from the games, it also has some basic testing routines which can be used to make sure that your pac-man/z80 hardware is functioning properly.

Current State: Back Burner
Updated: 2006-08-17

See also these sub projects:
Absurd, Full Motion Video on Pac-Man Hardware

Scott Lawrence