-== AutoPac ==-
An automatic, learning Pac-Man player

1999-04 thru 1999-05

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This was a chunk of code that sat within MAME, and by watching the game, it was able to move the controls to move Pac-Man around his maze to win the game. It would learn from mistakes, from deaths, and eventually figure out winning patterns for each board. Or at least that was the goal.

It did work, but in a brute-force method, since my application of Genetic Algorithms to the problem was the wrong approach. I should have used a Genetic Program instead. Thinking along these lines led me to create my lisp-like language, "Lithp".

This is all documented on the page linked to above.

This project relied heavily on MAME 0.30 and a hack of MAME called Pac-Tape, which could re-play movements that you had played earlier. Since then, this functionality has been integrated into MAME, albiet in a different method.

Current State: Completed
Updated: 2006-08-17

This was influenced by:
Autechno, Turaco
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Scott Lawrence