-== Autechno ==-
An automatic, learning, techno generator

1999-02 thru 1999-05

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This was to be an application which would constantly be generating techno (electronic dance music) and music of similar styles. It would have an interface which the listener would use to tell the program that it liked or didn't like the music currently playing, then use that information for the creation of new sections of music which it would blend into, and play.

Eventually, it would know what you like, and you would be able to tell it something like; "From 8am to noon, play faster music, and from noon to 5, play heavier, more complex music" and so on.

Long before I understood the concept of Genetic Algorithms, I had wanted to do this project. It wasn't until I learned about GAs that I realized that this was the proper method to use for the "learning" aspect of this application.

I still occasionally get more thoughts about this project, and consider revisiting it. Most recently, when I got involved with the iPod Linux project, I felt that this would be the perfect platform for it.

Current State: Designed
Updated: 2006-08-17

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AutoPac, Lithp

Scott Lawrence