-== Arduino and Physical Computing ==-
Various projects I've worked on centered around the Arduino hardware platform.

2006-12 thru 2007-10

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In December 2006, I started playing with the Arduino NG/Atmega8 hardware platform. It's a lot of fun to write software in a Processing-like environment, click a button, tag the reset button on the Arduino board, and see stuff happen on a physical device.

The main reason I picked it up was to work on a standalone DAMMIT/DARNIT like light show. As of December 4, I have a system with three knobs that control various parameters for the display of patterns on 8 LEDs. Soon, it will be triggering lights via solid-state relays. Click through to the image gallery for pics of it.

In October of 2007, I attempted to make a Halloween display using Arduino as the core brains and data logger, but was unable to make it all happen in time. Since then, I haven't really touched it much.

Current State: Dormant
Updated: 2006-08-17

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DARNIT, Processing
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Scott Lawrence