-== Alpaca OS ==-
A multitasking operating system for Z80 systems.

2003-07 thru 2003-08

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This was a project where I inteded to create a preemptive multitasking operating system for Z80-based hardware. Specifically, it was for the Pac-Man and Pengo arcade systems. It had an event queue, up to four tasks running simultaneously, and a GUI system, lifted from the previous PTUI project.

I rewrote it all in ASM, and used the noweb literate programming method to write it all such that it would be fully documented.

The basics of the task switcher were in place. I suppose I realized that this was more of a proof-of-concept kind of thing than something that would actually be useful, so I abandoned this project.

I later revived it in the form of the BleuLlama Game Kernel, where I changed it to be cooporative/polled multitasking, which is much easier to implement, and useful for my purposes

Current State: Abandoned
Updated: 2006-07-10

This was influenced by:
Mantis OS, Turaco CL

Scott Lawrence