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glitches, cameos & trivia in Disney's movie "TRON"


Just after Lora & Alan get to the arcade, Flynn beats his high score
But what is that next to his hand?

Looks like a boom-microphone to me...

Just after they make it into ENCOM, on the way to Lora's terminal, Flynn and Lora run through a computer room.

but someone is hiding way over on the left of the frame...


Hey... That guy on the right looks familiar...

It's Writer/Director of "Tron", Steven Lisberger smiling


"That's a big door" - Kevin Flynn
That big door is actually weighted properly, so that it is actually
opened and closed by hand... no motors. It's at Lawrence Livermore labs.
Hence, the "crash bar" that Alan is holding onto as he walks in.

"GET THEM!" - Sark
If you look at the right of the screen, you can see the one and only, PAC-MAN

In the scene where they fly across the sea of simulation
in the stolen solar sailer simulator, they fly over a stunning
Mickey Mouse formation.

Alliteration is fun!

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All images were captured with a Matrox Marvel G-200 video i/o device running in a home-built Celeron 333 by Scott Lawrence. Video source was the Tron Special Edition Laserdisc, in a Sony MDP-333 laserdisc player.
All images are copyright (c)1982 Buena Vista/Walt Disney Pictures.
Modifications to images to enhance visibility of items in the images have been done without concent of Disney Pictures. That's all me.