Retro Game Zine 20-Jan-2011 12:40 PM
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Table Of Contents


1. Overview

The idea is that it would be a pseudo-interactive zine, focusing on retro gaming. That is, in modern times, using and working with classic gaming.


2. Content Submission

All content should be emailed to

All submissions will remain owned by the original author(s), and will be reproduced online, or perhaps in a device-specific application which may be sold for money. All content will be redistributed with a CC BY-SA Creative Commons Share Alike license.

Any images, video, audio, binaries, or media files should also be emailed to the above address.

Please also include a note as to how you want to be credited, an associated weblink for yourself, twitter account, etc.


3. Topics could include:

Perhaps take on column names like AmigaWorld used to have; "Notepad" for editorial, "Zeitgeist" for recent news, "Hors d'Ĺ“uvres" for hints and tips, etc.


4. Hardware covered:


5. Aesthetic And Format


6. Related: