LlamaVDP-1000 Waiting LlamaVDP by Scott Lawrence - @yorgle
See BASIC code below for game credits

"Rollercoaster"(1977) is used without permission but probably considered fair use under 17 U.S.C. ยง 107,
"for nonprofit educational purposes", etc.

Regardless, please buy the LD/VHS/Betamax/DVD/Blu-Ray!

Press [RUN] when movie is ready
Press [A] to hide OSD.



  1. Choose the file "Rollercoaster_Side1.m4v" disc:
  2. Once the disc comes to full speed and is ready, click on the ▶ Run button above the BASIC program to the left
  3. In the green CRT window above, play the game!
  4. If the game crashes or breaks, just hit the RUN button again.
The player's controls:
  • ❙◀◀ - Skip back to frame 0 of the Disc
  • A - Toggle the onscreen text
  • ► - Play the disc from the current location
  • ❙❙ - Pause/stillframe the disc
  • ❙◀ - Step one frame backwards
  • 0000 - Edit the current frame number
  • ▶❙ - Step one frame forwards
  • ( Shuttle ) Scan backwards and forwards through the disc
  • ( Volume ) Adjust the playback audio level