Character RAM Layout


XVThis is a standard screen location.

XThis location exists, but is not visible on the screen.

This is not visible on the screen, nor is there any memory associated with this block. It is a placeholder.

The direction of the arrow gives the direction of the next character more or less.

Pac-Man Character RAM starts at 0x4000.

Pengo Character RAM starts at 0x8000.

XThis is offset 0x00 in character memory.
Therefore, if you write into location 0x4000 it will go here.
(0x8000 for Pengo.)

XThis is offset 0x20 in character memory.

This is offset 0x40 in character memory.

This is offset 0x60 in character memory.

The rest of the blue section continues down and to the left.

XThis is offset 0x3C0 in character memory.

XThis is offset 0x3E0 in character memory.

Color ram is arranged the same way, but starts +0x400 from the character ram.

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